There Will Be Blood: Mark Sanford vs Elizabeth Colbert Busch; A Primer For The Low Information Voter

I have interviewed Mark Sanford a number of times on air and in print. I have endorsed Mark Sanford every time for every office he has run for on air and in print. I like Mark Sanford.

I had just gone through a brutal divorce and was still suffering PTSD from that particular fog of war when Mark took his hike on the Appalachian Trail. I understood the whole succubus thing. I said so in print.

Then the apology tour started. I kept wanting for  Joel Sawyer to rush in and shut him the hell up. He survived the ethics charges, but I grew silent. Just as William Jefferson Clinton’s impeachment for me was about lying under oath to a federal grand jury — not sex, my long held admiration dropped a few notches. The man who made the moral case on the House floor had sinned out the ying yang ethically.

Because  of my long held admiration,  I wished him well on his way out. Have a good life… in business.

Meanwhile, South Carolina stepped into the Twilight Zone, politically.

First, there was Alvin Greene/Vick Rawl business. I have some inside on this and have it on authority it is a story of vindictiveness and pettiness at the heart of the South Carolina Democrat party in Columbia.  The media wandered around with it’s hands in its pockets whistling and whispering inside rumors of DeMint dirty tricks.

The year 2010 was the Tea Party and Nikki Haley. Much to the mainstream (local, state and national) media’s chagrin, a total repudiation of Barack Obama’s policies manifested..

Or not.

In 2012, the tea party was co-opted by the social issues wing of the Republican Party thus totally defusing the economic issue of the Gotterdamerung that ObamaCare will become.

Locally, the Twilight Zone became Night Gallery.

Lt. Governor Ken Ard had to resign, rightfully so, for misuse of campaign contributions, ripping long-time Senate President Pro-Tem Glenn McConnell  from his seat where he had been the most dependable conservative, yet effective legislator, in a generation. That of course left Glenn’s senate seat in play.

I was in Maine for the majority of 2012, so I missed much of this,  but the way I understand it, Senator Jake Knotts of the Mid-lands, an old time Republican boss got an enemy disqualified because they didn’t file a paper filing for office. I remember from running in 2011, you had to file electronically.  The ethics website said that would suffice.

I could be wrong, but it was along those lines. No matter, that technicality  knocked dozrns of Republicans out of primaries including District 41. Local attorney Walter Hundley  managed to survive the dozens of lawsuits and Supreme Court rulings to serve out McConnell’s term. Paul Thurmond won the general.

People in Maine were relieved at the shennanigins going on in the Palmetto State for it took national attention away from the peccadilloes in the Pine Tree State.

Last fall, Senator Jim DeMint resigned his seat to head the Heritage Foundation. Governor Haley appointed Charleston District One Congressman Tim Scott to that senate seat thereby leaving it vacant.

…And then the feeding frenzy began.

Sixteen, count ‘em, 16 people, many who were and remain to this day ciphers, ran in the Republican  primary. Among them was former Congressman and Governor Mark Sanford who, along with  his conservative values, begged for redemption and another chance. Those 16 brought knives to a fist fight leaving former Charleston County Councilman Curtis and  Mark Sanford in a death struggle, all the while the latter begged for redemption.

Well, he got it. After all the hubris and barbs, Mark Sanford seemed to achieved redemption and stood a great chance at trouncing his Democrat challenger  Elizabeth Colbert-Busch.

Until he didn’t.


Part of redemption is the whole “Go and sin no more” business.

Meanwhile that same day on Live5 News::

We’ll get back to the erstwhile governor in a minute, but before we do, let’s take a look  at his opponent, Elizabeth Colbert Busch. Mrs. Busch’s claim to fame is her famous brother, Stephen Colbert. During the bloodbath that was the Republican primary, Ms. Colbert-Busch ran one commercial. Thoughout that donnybrook, she appeared adult. AND SHE PROMISED JOBS… JOBS, I TELL YOU!!!

Steven Colbert came to Charleston for an exclusive and expensive fundraiser with the best and the brightest the local Democrats had to offer.

That’s it. That’s all we knew. While the Republican conflagration raged, all we knew was by by God, Elizabeth knows how to create jobs!!!

I was castigated by my Democrat Maine lawyer girlfriend here for a visit for being a curmudgeon when I pointed out the media would never ask the follow up question, “How?” I should note our dinner conversations are interesting to say the least.

Three weeks later, I still haven’t heard that question.

Monday afternoon,April 15th,  my girlfriend called me in tears. She was working at home because of Patriot’s day watching a Red Sox game which was running long when the bomb exploded. Needless to say, I have been closer to this than you might think.

Tuesday morning: I decided to begin research this piece when this ad aired:

I don’t want to be churlish, but that just smacks of mendacity.

Still, my attention went to day to day business and the Boston Marathon bombing on Tuesday.

Wednesday, I saw this:

Mark Sanford’s Awful Day Deconstructed


2:20pm – Washington Post confirms with Jenny Sanford (via text message) that her sons’ first encounter with their father’s new fiancee was at his primary runoff victory party on April 2. Sanford told the paper, “That was indeed [their son] Bolton’s first intro and both boys were quite upset and visibly so.” WIS-TV has video below: – Columbia, South Carolina |

There was also this.

Politico: Republicans pull plug on Mark Sanford

and this:

Washington Post: Colbert Busch says she won’t follow Any Party Line In New Ad

I spoke with my girlfriend Wednesday afternoon and she put on her most excellent family lawyer hat. No matter how you slice it, Mark Sanford violated an order of protection and faces some serious consequences if Jenny Sanford so desires.

What I find tacky is the kids meeting the fiancee onstage. It was close to a deal breaker for me.

Then my friend told me that Democrats in Maine were following this race and pouring money into Ms. Colbert-Busch’s campaign.


I began to look into it and lo and behold,

Big-name Dems line up for Elizabeth Colbert Busch Read more:


Clyburn Likes Colbert Busch’s Chances

The only media Thursday morning was : Post and Courier:

My reticence began to wane. Then I came across a columnThursday afternoon  by Tara Servatius in the City Paper: Colbert-Busch’s Deleted Tweets Reveal Her True Self. The host of Tara in the Morning n WTMA-AM .draws back the curtain on the suspected  menadacity.

Ms Servatius wrote:

“They’ve gone so far as to decimate part of her Twitter account,wiping out 500 tweets she sent before she became the painfully bland, utterly “moderate” businesswoman you see every five minutes on television in campaign ads so mind-numbingly dull that if you played them in a loop while driving, you’d crash. She’s for jobs, business, economic development, and, well, jobs, the ads say, clearly striving to position Busch as the vanilla, safe contrast to Mark Sanford, the Republican in the race…”

“…Her greatest passion, given the number of times she tweets about it, isn’t jobs at all, but gay marriage and equal rights for homosexuals. Kudos to Hillary Clinton “for backing equal rights for our LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) friends” she tweeted in one of nearly a dozen tweets on the subject, “#LoveisLove…

“On Twitter, Elizabeth 1.0 is also passionately pro-choice, backed President Barack Obama’s plan to raise the minimum wage, and has openly mocked the GOP’s unwillingness to socialize medicine..”

But all of this puts Colbert Busch in the liberal wing of the Democrat Party in Washington. The problem with that is that in her latest ad, she promises to be “independent” and to never “take any special interest pledges or follow any party line.”

Friday morning, April 19th, I expected the media megaphone to be raised in righteous indignation, but what I got was this: Post and Courier: No Appearances For Sanford While Colbert-Busch Talks Jobs.

“Mark Sanford didn’t want to talk about his trespassing troubles Thursday, while Elizabeth Colbert Busch stole some of his playbook, focusing on jobs and the deficit.”

The mainstream media (local, state, national) completely ignored the lies. In fact, the only thing about Mrs. Colbert-Busch appeared in the Atlanta paper:

Okay, the local media ignored that.

Friday, I dealt with Maine again as the Watertown drama unfolded, so I missed this:

Well, Sanford may not have wanted to talk about his “trespassing problems,”  Thursday, but you couldn’t shut him up on Friday.

Later that afternoon the P&C updated the article:

Saturday, 4/20, The Post and Courier ran this:

At the end of a very long article, this appeared in a rather “oh by the way” fashion:

“Divorce is a commonality the two candidates have. The Sanfords divorced in 2009 after he admitted his affair with Argentine-born Maria Belen Chapur, now his fiancee. Colbert Busch also had a difficult divorce and aftermath.

“She was granted a divorce from her first husband, Robert W. Legare, in August 1987. Court records show the couple continued to fight in court over unpaid child support, insurance and Legare’s visitation rights.

“In November 1988, Family Court Judge Mendel Rivers Jr. issued an order saying they had “failed miserably” to resolve their differences in the children’s best interest and ordered them both confined to the Charleston County jail for 24 hours.”


Saturday night, the Charleston Times released this:

Sunday, April 21:

“For a few days, Colbert Busch was more publicly visible than Sanford, but by Friday, Sanford invited Colbert Busch to join him at any of 15 appearances in five days, starting at 11 a.m. Monday at Hay Tire Pros in Mount Pleasant…

“Colbert Busch was not expected to join him at any of the events. Asked about Sanford’s invitation, Smith said nothing to indicate she would participate. ‘Elizabeth has a very aggressive campaign schedule over the next three weeks,’ he added.’

Okay, so where does that leave conservatives?

I live in District Six, so I don’t have a dog in the fight. Many do, though. I imagine a lot of people on the fence, a lot of women, will stay home.

Don’t. We can’t afford to lose this seat.

For all of his moral and ethical failings, Mark Sanford wears his sins on his sleeve.

He is a conservative.

Which leaves Elizabeth Colbert Busch who seems intent on hiding who she really is. One wonders why she thinks that in the age of the Internet she can hide her associations with the most Progressive wing of the Democratic Party.


I am proud to be a called a Conservative.

If being a Progressive is so grand, why not shout it from the rooftops?

Why hide it?

Because you and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz are counting on that  “low information voter”  thing kicking in.

Hell, you could be right. You have the local mainstream media on your side.

Let’s hope alternative and “new media” really works.

Let’s also hope that we stay out of the damned national news for a year or so.

UPDATE:  Sanford is scheduled to appear on Rocky_D’s show on Monday, 4/2:






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